Brandon Farris Net Worth 2022

By: JohnBarnes


Digital income sources have been emphasized in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nowadays, almost everyone is looking for ways to make money on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. Everybody has heard the words “blogging”, “vlogging” and “influencing”. Brandon Farris is an example of such a person. For a living, he makes YouTube videos that include parodies, challenges, and vlogs.


Brandon was born in Arkansas in 1991. His birthday is on the 5th of June, and he recently turned thirty years old. Farris is best known for his series ‘Google Translate’. He also has a large following on his own Facebook page. People love his sense of humor. His YouTube videos make millions of people smile every day.

Family and Early Life

Brandon was born in the USA to his parents and one sibling. Brandon isn’t married yet, but he has been in a relationship with Maria Gloria since 2014. Maria, a single mother and divorcee, was a tremendous support for Brandon when he wasn’t at his best. Brandon proposed to Maria when their friendship grew stronger. Brandon was a waiter in a cafe before he started his successful career. He also made a small amount of money selling Pokemon cards on eBay.

His Career and Major Milestones

Brandon was able to see clearly what he wanted as a career. His career began by posting videos to Facebook. His following grew over time and now he has almost 3.9 million. His dedication, consistency, and quality content are what made his followers grow in numbers. His huge Facebook following gave him an enormous boost when he began exploring new possibilities. His YouTube videos are distinctive in their approach. His YouTube channel has over 3.5 million subscribers. He also hosts vlogs, funny content and food challenges. His tweets are very popular, and he’s also well-known on Twitter.

Brandon: Things You Didn’t Know

After gaining fame, almost every YouTuber has a merchandising or customisation business. Brandon also makes a lot of money through his fans by selling his merchandise on his website. His fans buy his hoodie for $42 and his tank-tops for $23.

Brandon was in LA at the time when he had his lowest point in life. Brandon lived in a car because he didn’t have a network or a new place to call home. He blogged about his experiences, keeping a positive outlook and hoping to inspire others.

Net worth

Brandon’s net worth as of June 2022 is unknown, but it is believed to be between 2-5 Million US Dollars. These short ads, which appear between his videos on Youtube and Facebook, are Brandon’s main source of income. His views, subscribers and viewer time on YouTube and Facebook also contribute to his salary.