Swifty Net Worth 2022

By: JohnBarnes


John Pyle is well-known for his gaming and streaming name Swifty. He streams his games on Twitch and YouTube, where many viewers appreciate his talents. On Youtube, he has nearly 700 000 subscribers.

You can read the entire article to learn more about his gaming habits, how much he makes from gaming, and his net worth. You will be amazed at the YouTube ads he uses to make his money.


This legend was born in 1980 in the United States of America. He will be 52 in 2022. He is one of the most successful YouTubers in the entire world. He has made millions by doing what he loves and is now a successful individual in that field.

This channel was started in 2006 by him. He is active in streaming videos and posting videos regularly to ensure that his viewers are entertained. He is not only managing one YouTube channel, he also manages two YouTube channels. The second was launched in 2011 and has approximately 250 000 subscribers. His subscriber count exceeds the average of these days at almost 1,000,000

Early Life and Family

We don’t know much about his family, but we do know that we have information about his sister, Cathy.

He was a skilled skater in his youth. However, an accident meant that he could not compete or learn to skate professionally. He decided to get into gaming and streaming and became a WoW player and PC gamer.

His love life was a split. He used to be with Azi but they ended up apart. His private life means that not much information about his childhood or family is available.

His Career and Major Milestones

After creating his first YouTube channel in 2006, his career as a gamer started. He is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and motivating other gamers to follow his lead and keep fit.

Twitch is his channel, with 600,000 subscribers. He is a streaming gamer who focuses on games such as world of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and other popular games that viewers enjoy watching.

He earns 600k just from YouTube ads.

One time, he misunderstoodly revealed the amount he receives through donations during the live stream. It was around $180,000.

One time, he was banned from warcraft’s most popular game. He couldn’t stream for quite a while because of this issue.

Net Worth

John Pyle, also known as Swifty, has a net worth of around 1,000,000 dollars. His earnings come mainly from the ads that appear on his YouTube videos and other streams on Twitch. He can also make money through sponsorships, donations and promotion of products or equipment.