Lee McIntyre’s “Instant Internet Lifestyle”

By: JohnBarnes

Some time ago I made a decision to become an Internet Marketer (I lost my job (L)). Like a lot of people I started to browse the Internet, read and listen to tens of offers from Internet “gurus”, with great hope to find the real deal program for myself. Everything was so good and promising! Do you want to be a Millionaire by Yesterday? Easy! You know only how to turn your computer on? It’s ALL YOU NEED!! You don’t have any time for this? You are the right guy for this Business! All you need is just 35 minutes a Day! During the process of reading all those offers I started to think that the less I know about computers, internet, and affiliate marketing the better chance for success I have.

OMG, what a Waste!

After a few days (and nights) of hard work with all programs I’ve got, I suddenly realized that this is not going to work, something is really wrong (sorry it took me few days: I had no experience at all).

First of all I needed to answer to myself two major questions: 1- niche (that was easy, I knew what I wanted to do); 2-real deal program with proven history of people’s success. After a few days and a lot of hours of research, I chose 2 different programs: one for Physical product and another one for Digital.

This is how I put my hands on Lee McIntyre’s “Instant Internet Lifestyle”

Lee McIntyre started his online business about 4 years ago and now he is on the top of Internet marketing industry. Not ordinary teaching skills and very different approach in Internet marketing makes “Instant Internet Lifestyle” absolutely unique, result oriented and very easy to follow.

Unlike practically all internet “gurus”, Lee strongly believes in OVER DELIVERINGtraining material (you will see yourself if you will decide to try “Instant Internet Lifestyle”). In addition with Instant Internet Lifestyle course you will receive “Inside Out-Upside Down” workshop. This is more than 10 hours of video training where you will discover how Lee built his 7 FIGURES Internet business from Zero.

This workshop originally sold out for $997 a seat, but because Lee believes in over delivering he offers all this for only $19.95!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:


  • Training that anyone can apply to any niche.
  • Lee makes it very easy to follow and implement.
  • Absolutely unique style of teaching.
  • A true Step by Step system. You just looking over his shoulder and follow his steps
  • Great Support-they actually picking up the phone and replying to emails!
  • Tons of free bonuses.
  • All this for just $19.95! Unbeatable price!


  • UK accent sometimes hard to understand (but this is actually not too bad, because by going over his training again I am finding something new every time)
  • Sometimes I think Lee delivers too much additional information at once – but, it’s great for me; I am staying busy all the time.

The Ugly;

Only one thing: It’s very bad that I didn’t find this program long ago…

I had a very bumpy road from the beginning and as soon as I’ve got an “Instant Internet Lifestyle” I could finally take a full breath, and see the light down that tunnel… Success!

Please don’t waste your time and money and if you really want to live Internet Lifestyle try “Instant Internet Lifestyle” Now!