A Lifestyle Change Is in the Works!

By: JohnBarnes

Aren’t we all sick of dieting and gaining the weight back? Most of us haven’t learned how to keep the weight off. However, figuring out the difference between a weight loss diet vs lifestyle change is a great place to start. Why? Dieting is boring and changing your lifestyle is rewarding. A lifestyle change concerning how we eat will keep the weight off without depriving ourselves. Isn’t that something that we want to strive for?

I’m trying to understand the difference between a weight loss diet vs lifestyle change myself. It’s easy to think that some foods are bad for you and you trick yourself by saying ‘I won’t ever eat this again’. For example, pastries are my downfall. Okay, so I tell myself no more pastries. What’s the first thing I crave? Pastries. That’s the difference between weight loss diet and a change in lifestyle. We all have to enjoy the foods we love and stop feeling guilty if we indulge once in a while. Purely losing weight has nothing to do with true change. Changing the way we think about food and the way we eat is a positive change in our habits does. Thinking positively can help us to make the most of our goals concerning how we eat and what we eat. We have to learn that nothing is taboo because if we deprive ourselves we have failed and we eat more of the thing we would of eaten in the first place. Pastries in my case!

This alternation in living life is not for the wimps of the world. You have to start with your brain and work from there. We have to be trained that stuffing ourselves is a bad habit and puts more weight on us. As I said, we can eat whatever we want it is training ourselves to eat in moderation, plus attitude has a lot to be said in becoming successful in determining that weight loss diet vs lifestyle change is doable.

Think how satisfying and controlling it would make you feel if this could make such a fantastic difference in your life. Incorporating some kind of exercise in moderation and eating in moderation would make such a difference in keeping the weight off. I truly believe it will make all of our lives a lot better to eat healthier foods and exercise in our lives.

Diet vs lifestyle change takes a plan. Start the plan with simple things. Have smaller portions, split meals, eat healthier snacks, drink plenty of water, shopping at local farmers markets to get the best fruit and vegetables you can eat, start reading labels, and research what is healthy for you; you get the picture, right? Wouldn’t you rather change your life in a positive fashion rather than slog through a diet?

Remember attitude will work when you want to make a lifestyle change. It just makes sense instead of having to battle yourself to lose weight. Does anyone like to diet? I don’t think so. That’s why a weight loss diet vs lifestyle change will help everyone in the long run and help keep the weight off and look good in your clothes. Isn’t that what we all are trying to achieve?