Cooking Lamb – The Forgotten Part of Barbecue Cooking

By: JohnBarnes

Almost everybody loves a barbecue. All around the world, every Saturday afternoon, you can see men gathered around barbecues in backyards, talking, laughing, drinking and cooking their favorite summer meal. Yet barbecue cooking is much more than simply cooking a meal. It is a time of fellowship, a wonderful time for men to spend time talking with other men, discussing issues like barbecue sauce recipes, how dark it should be cooked, and the many other issues of manly life!

While there are a huge variety of barbecues available to home chef, such as the electric grill, gas, charcoal, or smoker, there is something unique and wonderful about the barbecue flavor that you can obtain from barbecue cooking on your outdoor grill.

But the forgotten meat in all this is lamb! Outdoor grilling with lamb is not something that everyone thinks about, with most concentrating on beef, chicken or even exotic meats like kangaroo! In most countries, beef or chicken or even seafood are considered mainstays on the barbecue cooking menu. However, cooking lamb on a barbecue can give you fantastic results, and you are not just limited to lamb chops.

Cooking lamb may involve chops, steaks, sausages, or you can even roast a full leg of lamb in a barbecue, perhaps utilising a barbecue rotisserie to keep the lamb turning and to minimise the amount of fat retained in the meat. Cooking lamb roast is one of the best uses for the barbecue rotisserie I can think of, and there is little doubt that it is a very healthy way of barbecue cooking.

A plethora of barbecue recipes are available, and anything you can find that applies to beef will also apply to a lamb chop. In fact, cooking lamb can yield even better results than beef, because it tends to be extremely tender when cooked correctly, and it also absorbs beautifully the flavours and smells which we love so much.

Cooking lamb in the form of sausages is also a very viable alternative for barbecue cooking. Unlike beef, the light texture of lamb can provide a welcome alternative to some of the heavier beef sausages.

So if you’re looking for a fantastic alternative to beef, one that is lighter, healthier, yet just as easy to cook on your outdoor grill, then look no further than lamb. Lamb cooking, the forgotten aspect of barbecue cooking, could be next big hit at your next neighbourhood barbecue party.