Can HGH Supplements Help Build Muscle?

By: JohnBarnes

Increase Your Levels of HGH Naturally

Is it possible? Is it safe? These are the questions you maybe asking yourself once you have learnt about the many, many benefits of HGH. Benefits of high levels of this amazing and complex multi peptide chain hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the centre of the brain include, but are not limited to the following:-

Conversion of body fat to muscle mass

Growth of all tissues

Energy level

Tissue repair

Whole body healing

Cell replacement

Bone strength

Brain function

Sexual function

Organ health and integrity

Enzyme production

Integrity of hair, nails, skin and vital organs

That’s right. The benefits of human growth hormone are huge and this hormone influences so many processes within your physiology. Now, when you are young in your teens your body is pumping out growth hormone like never before, and will not be produced in those levels again as you age. By the time you reach 60 years of age, you will be producing around 75% less human growth hormone than when you were 15 years old. Many have asked the question – is this why our body’s age and degenerate? And if that is the case, if we could keep levels of human growth hormone high as we age, would we actually age in quite the same way?

Well that’s an interesting thought. Synthetic nature identical recombinant human growth hormone was only actually successfully synthesised in 1986 by a pharmaceutical company called Eli Lilly and their synthetic version was named Humatrope and is still no the market today. In these regards studies on synthetic human growth hormone have only been in existence for a very short period of time, however, empirical studies have shown that application of synthetic human growth hormone is increased muscle mass, decreased bodyfat, increased energy levels, increased sex drive and decreased aches, pains and degenerative diseases it would seem.

Bodybuilders tend to be avid users of synthetic human growth hormones these days, and are a good example to look upon as to what the effects of human growth hormone are. Human growth hormone is the term that is typically used to describe synthetic growth hormone, as naturally occurring human growth hormone is referred to as human growth hormone, or, HGH. That’s the main difference you read about online.

Now we know from studying bodybuilders, both male and female, that they experience quite a dramatic increase in muscle mass which is lean muscle gain, and not inflated with water as it is with the application of anabolic steroids (the type of anabolic muscle building drugs that are associated with the sex hormones of the body rather than the growth factor hormones of the body). We know that human growth hormone increases levels of a hormone named IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor 1) which is a growth factor hormone associated with the growth of muscle tissue, and works very similar to GH, however remains intake and active in the blood stream far longer than any recombinant human growth hormone, or naturally occurring human growth hormone. IGF-1 truly is the muscle building hormone of choice of bodybuilders.

However, recombinant human growth hormone, and natural Human Growth Hormone are the activation triggers that increase IGF-1, so if you want to build muscle, then your aim should be to increase levels of human growth hormone, which in turn influence the rise in levels of IGF1. We also know that levels of human growth hormone and IGF1 appear to rapidly melt away body fat and it’s a rapid effect. Studies have shown an average loss of around 10lb of fat in 8 weeks with absolutely NO alteration to the users exercise or diet plan.

When you begin to research synthetic recombinant human growth hormone you may notice there are legal implications in certain countries associated with synthetic recombinant human growth hormone purchase or usage, so your options are to increase levels of human growth hormone naturally and safely. We can do this through a number of techniques, which include specific exercise protocols, certain dietary practices, as well as effective sports nutrition products, blended and formulated to actively encourage your body to produce higher levels of it’s own growth hormone levels. It is this are where we are currently conducting much research and development.

Were you thinking of getting rid of those extra fat and instead getting those perfect six packs that you could flaunt? Tired of poor athletic performance and want just an extra trigger to beat your limits? Or you just want an optimum muscle growth? As mentioned above, there are indeed numerous legal and herbal products available just over the counter known as muscle building supplements, sports supplements and bodybuilding supplements can just be the answer to all your worries. Supplements so effective that you do not even need to entertain the use of illegal pharmaceuticals at all.

Many would argue that leading a healthy life without supplements is a better lifestyle but they need to think that environment has changed today. With us spending most of our days on our butt in front of the computer, where can one actually think of a healthy life without supplements? Together with this sedentary life we even consume processed foods. All this has drastically changed our lifestyle. There have been increased cases of cancer and heart diseases. Many complications caused due to obesity have also seen a sudden rise in the recent years. We need to adapt to this changed environment. Supplements are the solution. They can help in body fat reduction and help improve the fitness levels.

But, supplements have in large been dreaded as leading to some or the other side effects. People believe that supplement consumption would ultimately lead to bad health in older age. There has been suspicion about the way these supplements work and the amount of impact they would have on body. Well the problem is not with supplements but the way they are consumed. Often the blurred mis information in the media between pharmaceuticals that produce hormonal changes and natural herbal supplements that produce dramatic changes but safely get skewed. Like every other stimulant one cannot just mix and match different supplements and expect them to work wonder. As a matter of fact supplements are not designed to work in combination with other supplements. Also the overdose of advertisements showing tremendous result in a very short time adds further to the misconception of supplements.

What needs to be understood by the consumer is that supplement ingredients are basically found in food which are technologically concentrated to give better results to you. They are so designed to boost ones performance and aid ones effort in gaining muscles. So it is not that you can gain that perfect muscles sitting and taking the supplements. A regular training and exercise is a must. Supplements even help in better adaptation to stress and exercise for a sedentary, whose body might previously have rejected the idea of exercise. It also helps beginners to return to their exercise regime.

But as is the case with everything, too much of everything is bad. One must not get into increasing the dose without proper doctor consultation. One must do proper research on the ingredients of the supplement before including it in their diet. Also these supplements are only endurance enhancer and recovery aid and hence their consumption should be in combination of a daily exercise routine. Although these supplements are easily available over the counter, taking too many different supplements at the same time is not advisable. But then one can shed the fear of supplements and enjoy a healthier life with supplements as if taken in proper dose they can work wonders.