Your 100K Lifestyle – How to Earn an Executive Income in a Few Short Weeks

By: JohnBarnes

Your 100K Lifestyle is a webpage where you need to login some information before you can get access to what it actually is proposing. However, the instant you get into this squeeze page, you will be greeted by a video of Brian Magnosi convincing you to join and be part of a business which he claims to have provided him and his wife an income equal to an executive’s annual salary within just a few weeks.

At the onset, you will be informed that what Your 100K Lifestyle is not a get-rich-quick business or a lottery-type of endeavor that will reward you with a million dollar jackpot. Instead, Brian and Lisa, his wife, will apparently provide you with the lessons and experience they have to enjoy a lifestyle they never thought possible. According to them, you can learn from their experience so that you, too, can experience the financial freedom that they are currently enjoying.

Once you have signed in as part of the couple’s mailing list, you will be introduced to the proponents’ main website Your 100K Lifestyle and will be provided with a short video clip which can also be found in YouTube. This presentation emphasizes the importance of personally connecting with your target market and how the audio-visual medium can help you in promoting your own business. Brian looks to share his family’s own experience from which he claims you can learn from. This is what he refers to as leveraging–learning from their experience for you to make the right business decision. The main point that Your 100K Lifestyle promotes is having a profitable home-based business with an income similar to that of the upper echelons of big businesses.

As it appears, Your 100K Lifestyle is the jump-off point to the main website which Magnosi is actually promoting, the Wealth Masters International. The WMI is an entrepreneurial site promoting home-based business and a promise of earning more than what a person could earn in a year as an employee. It claims to have brought together a good number of like-minded individuals who share their common vision of wealth, health and wisdom.

When you visit the WMI website, you will be introduced to the different products it offers which include The Academy, MPower, M1 Masters Program, M2 Wealth Conference, and M3 Private Wealth Group. In each product you will be introduced to varying ways of earning income, strategies of wealth generation of millionaires, making use of the power of leverage to expand your business, and various information that can help you earn an income which will allow you to live a lifestyle that you dreamt of.

There seems to be no fee in joining the mailing list of Your 100K Lifestyle. All you need to do is to provide your name, your email address, and your contact number. It looks like that by being a member you can get access to a number of tools and tutorials. Once you have joined the mailing list, you apparently will receive information and tools free of charge from the various emails the website sends out.

The actual expense, it looks like, is when you decide to join Wealth Masters International. Depending on the type of membership and product that you will subscribe to, the fee could be anywhere from $99.00 to as high as $19,995.00. It appears that the higher the amount you pay, the more information, privileges, perks and incentives that you will get. Included in the packages are weekly mentoring from the venture’s various resource persons, conferences in different locations and access to different tools and products that you can promote.

If you are looking for an alternative to what Brian and Ines calls “endless years of 9 to 5 drudgery,” then Your 100K Lifestyle may be an option for you. Make sure to learn more about what the website offers before you take a serious plunge as membership to the business Magnosi endorses will require serious money.