By: JohnBarnes

There are many cases in which you cannot avoid a probate. There are several situations in which the deceased may not have written a will before dying. In such a situation a probate will occur. The court will go through a process to distribute the property among the beneficiaries; this process is called probate. If a person does not have a will, then there are chances that more people will come asking for the share of assets. To avoid such a situation and get what yours is taking help from a probate lawyer. The LAWYER FOR PROBATE will assist you through the probate process. Only hire the best and the most expert lawyers. Here are a few questions that you might ask the lawyer to know if he is the right person.

What are your other areas of practice?

Not every lawyer is an expert in probate. You will find lawyers who are good at settlements, and lawyers who are good at criminal cases. There are a few lawyers who are good at injury settlements etc. so, the very first thing you must ask from a lawyer, what is his area of expertise? Only hire the attorney who is an expert in probate, estate planning, and living trust. These three areas of expertise are linked; hire a lawyer who has all three areas of expertise. He is the lawyer who will help you with probate.

Have you had similar cases in past?

An expert lawyer who has years of experience will surely have come across a situation similar to yours. But still, it is better to ask the attorney. Ask the lawyer if he had a case similar to yours. Also, ask what the outcome of that case was, and how long did he take to complete that case. It will allow you to know his competency. A good lawyer will always answer that he has had many cases similar to you. The benefit of choosing a lawyer who has dealt with similar cases to yours is that he will complete the case fast. He will understand every aspect of the case and will not take time in studying the case. Thus, he will take less time to complete the case.

What issues may arise?

An expert lawyer always knows the pitfalls and problems which may arise during the probate process. Ask the attorney what issues can arise during the process. If he tells you that there will be no issues, leave that lawyer. Only a good lawyer will tell you all the issues which may arise. It will give you an idea that he has a plan for these matters. The lawyer who does not know about the issues has no plan to solve the problems. Asking the attorney about the issues will give you confidence that he is an expert and will handle the problems which occur during the process.

How long does it take?

An expert lawyer will always tell you less time, but if someone tells you that the probate will complete in a month’s he is lying. The lawyer will only tell you the time upon carefully studying the problem.

How can I reach you?

If you observe that the lawyer is hesitant to give his address, he might be a fake or not licensed. Only licensed lawyers have an office. So, you can also ask for the license or certifications. A good lawyer will not hesitate to show you his credentials.

What is the fee?

There is no fixed fee for a probate. If a lawyer tells you the fee without inspecting the case at hand, he is not a good choice. Make sure that the lawyer takes time in reading and understanding the case and then telling you the charges. The fee depends on various factors such as the complexity of the case, the number of beneficiaries, etc.

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