Rainbow Wardrobe: How to Mix and Match

By: JohnBarnes

With so many women’s online fashion stores to date, the amount of textures, styles, colors, patterns, cuts that millennials are exposing themselves to tend to be overwhelming. Using the colors of a rainbow, here are tips and tricks to navigate through your wardrobe.


Undeniably this vibrant, versatile hue is the color of this season. If we are going all technical here, the correct names of all “red” color shades are: cherry, rose, jam, merlot, garnet, ruby, apple, mahogany, brick, etc. But we are not here to school you on different palette shades. What we are going to advise you instead is to not be afraid to don the pantsuit. A power-woman look, wear a dark red and black combo to exude a femme fatale charisma. However, since there are so many different colors and textures out there (polka-dots, ruched, flared, boxy) try a monochromatic look of the same color, making your outfit interesting to the eyes.


Since this color is particularly eye-striking, balance it out with subtle colors such as beige, navy, army green or even purple. Choose your top to be Mandarin-colored and your bottom to be yellow, or if you are going for that cute dress, pair it with classic dark blue pumps.


I think this color should be worn beyond just St. Patrick’s Day, and once you get used to it, you will make all the others green with envy. Leafy prints can look cute in a romper or a two-piece ensemble in a form of a crop top with a skirt. Black goes well with olive, while metallic pieces add a little more to your old green dress. Don’t be afraid to style it up with green lipstick, mix in your old eyeshadow with some Vaseline and voila!

Blue + Indigo

You can never go wrong with denim. Throw on a vintage denim jacket to go with a mustard-yellow dress or pair your favorite long-sleeved black top with your mid-length denim skirt, complete with black booties. A classic skinny jeans style are essential with knee-high boots and long cardigans, making you look long and lean while staying warm for the fall. Because Blue and Indigo are so close to each other on the color wheel, pairing these shades together will create harmony.

Violet + Yellow

Using Jewel-toned velvet, designers are using these rich colors to style formal dresses. Paired with metallic and embellished accents, these clothes boast luxury and high-class feelings. Don’t be afraid to pair your yellow scarf with a violet dress. If you think the colors don’t match, look at the color-wheel and you will find that Violet and Yellow are directly opposite each other. Somehow, this daring color combination works.