Tips for managing your health while working as a travel nurse

By: JohnBarnes

What does a travel nurse do?

Registered nurses who travel to work as nurses in hospitals and clinics around the globe are called “travel nurses”. The average salary for a travel nurse can be very high because they fill in gaps where there is a shortage of nurses. My Private Health Insurance offers health insurance for travel nurses plans that are affordable and accessible to all ages, which includes small and family-owned businesses and families.

While not everyone has chronic medical issues that require medication or care from a primary doctor, all people have to visit a doctor from time-to-time to treat sudden injuries or to check on their health. These health issues can be made more difficult by working as a travel nurse.

Traveling was a way to balance my daily medication. I had to ensure I had enough medication for each assignment and deal with the transfer of medications from one pharmacy to another every three months.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and plan for the future while you work as a travel nurse.

Make sure the pharmacy you use if you are taking regular medication is licensed. Walgreens, Walmart and CVS have pharmacies all over the country. They can fill prescriptions that were filed in their partner stores. It makes things easier for you by not having to keep prescriptions in your file.

Trust your primary MD. It is crucial to have a doctor who understands your travel plans. Depending on your medical needs, you might need to travel home for routine checkups and blood draws. You may have to transfer your primary MDs once every three months while on the road. I recommend speaking with your current MD to see if they are open to it. You can have your home physician consult you about things that you need to know regarding your personal and health.

In all cases, it is a good idea to keep a copy of your medical history and physical form, as well as any relevant lab results. You should keep a copy your medical history, physical form, relevant lab results, and any other documentation you may need. This will be a great help for your health and peace of mind. Every assignment will require new labs or titers, as any experienced traveler will know. It is always helpful to have copies of these documents.

Tips for Travel Nurses

Find Your Own Housing

We recommend that you take a housing stipend to help you secure your own housing. This will allow you to pick your own price range. Because agencies have a reputation to uphold, they will often place nurses in more expensive accommodations. Agency leases can also be signed by corporate tenants, which are leases with a “corporate price tag”. If you choose to stay at one of their hotels, some agencies may offer housing free of charge. While most other agencies won’t cover the cost of housing, they will help you arrange it.

Flexibility is key

Flexibility is the key to your motivation if money is your motivation. Sometimes, the best paying jobs pay more because they aren’t the most ideal. They might be located in an undesirable area or work a difficult to fill shift such as variable or nights. Even though it is not always true, weekends, variables, and nights may offer higher pay or differentials.

Check that your profile is up-to-date

The best travel nursing jobs come with a timestamp. They are highly sought after and fiercely competitive. Agencies can’t just submit you for a job because you want to. They have to sell your skills to the hospital.

Collaborate with multiple agencies

Truth is that not every agency will have assignments in every area of the US. Truth be told, each hospital pays an agency differently and local agencies might have better relationships than the hospitals in their region. It’s a smart idea to work with multiple agencies. This will improve your chances of success.

Maintain multiple state licenses

Did you know that hospitals won’t even consider your professional profile if the state you live in doesn’t have a license? It’s true. You can increase your chances of landing high-paying job opportunities by having active licenses in multiple States.

Communicate with your recruiter

The recruiters will connect you with the best-paid travel nursing assignments. Communicate with them about your needs in terms of compensation. Are you looking for a lucrative assignment? Ask. Tell them. Keep in mind, a closed mouth does not get fed.