Instant Internet Lifestyle Comparison – Value for Money?

By: JohnBarnes

Many people researching the Internet for business ideas and newbie advice to set up their Internet Lifestyle dream are faced with information overload. At a certain point the range of conflicting opinions and ideas of how to start first can lead to a “brain shut down”, and in the end nothing gets achieved. The purpose of my Instant Internet Lifestyle Comparison was to “Take Five”, step back from the confusion, and in particular to evaluate Lee McIntyre’s “Instant Internet Lifestyle”. Does it deliver on its promises? Is it practical for my situation? Will it offer value for money? Is it credible?

The first thing that attracted me when watching Lee’s sales video was how different it was to the average sales letter. It was almost counter-intuitive. I liked that very much. I’m a fairly big believer in the dictum “if you want to achieve different results from the run-of-the-mill, then you’ve got to be doing something different”. That’s how I got out of the rat-race years ago. I tried to simplify my life and work out how to achieve my own goals and values, not some other plastic life offered to the world by mainstream advertising.

Lee does not propose creating your dream by endlessly obsessing about keyword research. Is that one of the things that’s kept you bogged down and struggling to progress? He advocates a quick and focused approach: go to the markets where we know there are already hungry buyers with money to spend. These days there are so many people chasing such a lot of markets, that there is no such thing as a “secret untapped rich market” out there. If there’s an untapped market, it’s for a reason – ie there’s no money to be made! When you go to the big markets, yes you’ll find competition, but Lee will give you the skills to cut through that, and achieve your goals. Once you’ve selected your market, then focus on a smaller subniche. In fact you’ll be excluding people out of your niche- does that sound counter intuitive? Perhaps, but it also makes sense too. There’s no way you can be relevant to all the market – rather, focus on being VERY relevant to a smaller group rather than not really relevant to the whole crowd. That way you’ll build rapport with your target market, which brings us to one of Lee’s main plus-features: his absolute focus on customer care and over-delivering value for money. His goal is to become a “trusted advisor-friend”, not just in his Instant Internet Lifestyle package, but his whole approach to business. Lee does not obsess about building lists. He figures that by building his reputation as an ethical marketer who can be trusted to deliver excellent value for money, then his reputation will spread like wild fire throughout the Internet community. This is, in fact, what has happened in the few short years since he left high school teaching and became a full time Internet marketer. People now come flocking to him and he has no trouble getting them to open his emails!

In my former life as a successful network marketer, these are precisely the features that supported my success: an excellent product that delivered a fantastic exchange of value, and devoted customer care. These elements combined to get the message out there, and build trust with the wider community.

So, what exactly is Lee promising, and does he deliver on his promises?
The Instant Internet Lifestyle training is a one hour no-fluff training video that puts in a nut-shell the 8 steps he took to get his Internet career off the ground. He went from a standing start to $7,230.95 in just 29 days! Breath-takingly impressive, but when you see his steps, also very realistic and achievable. Part of his success is in the very focused rapid building of one step upon another.

The 8 steps are very clear and realistic, but the icing on the cake – where he absolutely over delivers- is including the 10 hours of video recordings of his Inside Out Upside Down 2 day seminar. The seminar totally exposes his business from the inside out with no holds barred. He reveals niche hunting, how to borrow the credibility of your niche gurus, get your message out there piggy backing on others’ lists, how to get people to open your emails using secret whispers strategies, why selling your initial product at break-even point or even at a loss is such a good thing, creating your own info products quickly and painlessly, how to tempt the biggest names in your niche to agree to joint venture programs with you. And all of this is in the context of ethical marketing and building a longterm sustainable business that will keep producing passive income in the long-run. He also includes transcripts for the 2 day seminar, and bonus Q and A recordings of the seminar.

“Sounds too good to be true” I hear you say. Any down sides?
Well, I’ve become pretty cynical in my Internet business adventures. There is no such thing as a free lunch. As with anything worth achieving, the Instant Internet Lifestyle does require hard work. There’s no piece of magic software, or secret way of stealing someone else’s rich conspiracy bank account. So some people with the wrong attitude might be disappointed at the “instant”description. But it is certainly “instant” in the sense of mindset shift which is so important in kicking us into the right attitude dimension. Lee is quite genuine in the speed with which he did accomplish his remarkable success, and he presents it with honesty and clarity so that it becomes a realistic possibility for us too.

Is it practical for my situation?
We all are in different situations. You might be asking: will it work for me if I’m still in full-time work? Yes, if you’re able to put in a couple of concentrated hours each day. Being focused and self disciplined, and willing to put in some time management is the key. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. For example, I started my first successful networking business while working fulltime home educating our 4 children, running a busy household, chauffeuring kids to music and other events. Lee McIntyre spent years teaching in a tough regional high school, motivating the students to great success, even though they initially didn’t want to be in his classes. Lee’s big focus is encouraging people to use his materials to TAKE ACTION.

What if I already have an Internet business? Some people with existing Internet businesses have plucked different elements out of his program and dovetailed them into their current business, thereby achieving dramatic improvements.

What if I already have serious time restrictions on my life? Obviously you don’t have to kill yourself to get your business up in 29 days as Lee did, but he will definitely show you how NOT to spend a year writing your “perfect” ebook! Lee shows how speed is a helpful element in his business, but not to let it make your life more stressful. He even goes into how to outsource different parts of your business and keep it all manageable.

By the way did I mention how much the Instant Internet Lifestyle training sells for? Bear in mind that the people attending the seminar were delighted to pay up to $997 to attend since they got such fluff-free, practical info. It’s only $19.95! I bought it thinking – oh well, I guess I can afford another $20. What I got though, has been a quantum leap in my Internet business life. In terms of value, there is no comparison. Instant Internet Lifestyle is way ahead of any other program I’ve investigated.

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Nicola Galea was the pioneer for a major European network marketing company in her state. Within 18 months she was consistently in the top 3 consultants nationally, winning many awards as well as all-expenses paid trips to international conferences. All achieved part-time while home educating 4 children. She is now refocusing her marketing skills in the online world following a double fatality car crash which has left her disabled.