How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean with Velcro Cable Ties

By: JohnBarnes

Kitchens can easily get out of hand and then make cooking far less enjoyable. Especially if you have a small kitchen, it can be even more imperative to make sure that your kitchen is clean and organized. If your kitchen starts to become messy, it can be hard to find the motivation to clean it and to know where to begin.

When your kitchen is organized, it makes cooking fun and you always will know where things are. Taking the steps to find the right ways for organizing what you have can take some time, but with a little bit of effort, you too can have a kitchen that is clean and organized.

Here are some practical ways that you can get your kitchen clean and keep it organized.

Get Rid of What You Do Not Use

You likely have kitchen supplies that you did not even know that you had. Many times we buy things that can help make cooking easier for us, but they end up just taking space and we forget about them altogether.

If you want to reorganize your kitchen, start by going through what you have and getting rid of the things you do not need. Through purging you can get rid of utensils you do not use frequently or have never used. If you are unsure about it, set it aside and think about if you really need it or not.

The same goes for appliances. Appliances tend to take up a ton of space and they have long cables that can get tangled up and get in the way. Getting rid of the ones you do not use makes more room for the stuff you actually use.

When getting rid of your kitchen tools, consider donating them rather than throwing them away. You can always sell certain appliances if they are in good condition.

Getting Organized with Velcro Cable Ties

Now that you have gotten rid of the things you do not need and do not use, you can move on to organizing what you have. This part can be easy if you know the best ways to organize using Velcro cable ties. It is good to keep the things that you use most frequently in easy to reach spaces with cable ties. This helps you to avoid rummaging through drawers and cabinets in order to find what you are looking for.

Cabinets can be incredibly frustrating to organize, because they are mostly just space and a shelf or two. Look at this as a blank canvas. Buying racks and organizers that have racks with cable ties that pull out can help make your life much simpler when it comes to getting large pots and pans.

Grouping Like Items

By grouping similar items together it helps you to know where to go when you are looking for a specific tool. For example, keep all of your baking supplies together. If you do not have a ton, get a box and keep the odds and ends of baking in the box so that when you need to bake, you can have everything in one place.

Another example is keeping appliances together. Appliances take up a lot of space, but they are a necessary evil. Make sure that when you are done using your appliances that you clean them and keep all of their parts together.

A helpful tip for keeping you appliances organized is getting Velcro cable ties.  When storing your appliances, the cables tend to get in the way and wrapping them around the appliance can be ineffective and could even damage the cable. By making use of cable ties, you can ensure that your cables stay together and that they will not get tangled or damaged.

Drawer Organizers

Getting drawer organizers is another great way to ensure that your kitchen can stay organized. This is especially useful for organizing silverware. If you have silverware tossed in a drawer, it can be annoying to get what you need quickly. When cooking you need quick access to all of your implements. Getting drawer organizers can help to separate what you have in logical ways that make it easy for you to find things.

Organize In Ways That Help You Avoid Frustration

If you kitchen is organized, but not organized well, you will eventually find yourself being frustrated. There are many tricks you can use to make sure that you avoid frustration when you are searching for what you need. Whether you are using drawer organizers or Velcro cable ties to help with your organization there are many ways you can make your kitchen a more enjoyable space to work in.