How can a man fit his body?

By: JohnBarnes

Looking to get a better body and improve your overall health in the process? This is no mean feat, but with a few tweaks to your exercise and daily diet, you should start to see result that last.


Half a kilo is enough

Always bear in mind that attempting to lose weight faster than half a kilogram (1lb) per week almost always leads to subsequent additional unwanted weight gain.


Avoid processed foods

Try and select wholefood for meals and snacks every time. Processed foods i.e. those foods that come in packets, are generally low in nutritional quality and high in unwanted calories, such as fat and sugar.


Hydrate when you can

Inadequate hydration often presents false hunger pangs, which are often then satisfied with processed foods such as chocolate and other confectionery. And the latter are generally high in calories, unnecessarily adding to total calorie intake.


Keep water handy

Ensuring that a bottle of water is always available, at your desk, in your car, etc., will help you keep fluid levels topped up, make your skin look great, and fending off false hunger symptoms.


Go easy on the booze

The calories from alcohol in beer, wine and spirits are stored as body fat if they’re not used at the time of consumption; so reducing your alcohol intake will help with your weight loss programme.


Alternate your drinks on a night out

Try alternating an alcoholic drink with water. This will keep the calories down as well as combating the dehydrating effects of the alcohol. Dehydration can lead to false hunger signs.


Correct food choices = fewer calories

Incorrect food choices are often triggered by energy lows, causing a desire to eat ‘quick energy hit’, highly-calorific foods, like chocolate. By choosing slow-energy release foods such as bananas, you will find that you maintain constant energy levels with fewer calories.