Hassle Free Cooking – Now You Need Not Slave Over The Stove

By: JohnBarnes

Name a single person who does not want to cook with ease. Cooking invariably leads to some messing in the kitchen like, spilling, burning of the meal, or even messing up the kitchen. What a blessing it would be if all these didn’t have to happen each time we decide to cook something. It is not the spilling, or messing up which is the main worry but the cleaning of the mess afterward that really bothers everybody. But there is really no such thing as trouble or hassle free cooking but there are many ways in which you can cook with ease.

Here are some tips for a hassle free cooking and these tips will be extremely useful to not only those who are just beginning to cook but also some of these tips would be extremely beneficial to even experienced cooks.

The first tip is to have your mess cleaned up as soon as it occurs as this will be more helpful than leaving it till after the cooking is over. When most women were asked what they most detested when it comes to cooking all of them said that they hated to clean up the mess after the cooking was over. That’s why if you have the habit to clean up any mess as soon as it happens things would be much easier for you and cooking will turn out to be a pleasant experience. To help clean up mess, keep a bowl of soap water always at hand so that it is much easier to clean up the mess as soon as it happens. Otherwise the mess will tend to become sticky and it is more difficult to clean it up. Also have your cooked food transferred to serving dishes immediately and have the utensils cleaned also.

A good friend of mine keeps burning her dinners as she either uses a high flame or a low one to cook. So it is better that you begin with a medium flame and keep adjusting the flame while cooking so as to avoid having your food burnt.

Always have your oven preheated as temperature plays an important part when it comes to cooking. Placing food in a preheated oven ensures that you get the best results. Most ovens have alarm signals to indicate that the required temperature has been achieved.

Whenever you cook, choose recipes that are comfortable with so that you remain stress free while cooking without having to worry about making mistakes. Once you have selected your recipe, go through the steps a couple of times thoroughly noting down all the required ingredients and keeping them ready at hand before you begin.

Have your hands washed thoroughly and regularly. Use the soapy water kept in a bowl for cleaning up any mess, cutting board and the cooking utensils. This is especially so when it comes to having used raw meat for cooking as when these are left to dry they will become contaminated. So wash up anything you use immediately.

Most of these tips are really simple to follow and will be helpful to all those who want to cook and the more you adhere to these tips in a regular manner, your cooking experience is bound to be pleasant.