Getting Addicted to Nandrolone

By: JohnBarnes

Things people would normally never dream of ingesting are pumped into the lungs and bloodstream every time a cigarette is lit. Chemicals like Butane, Carbone Monoxide, DDT (insecticide), lead, even Polonium 210 (radioactive fallout), is just to name a few, you know it is bad for you, so why it is hard to quit? “Nicotine addiction is one of the best and strongest addictions to overcome”. All natural homeopathic sublingual spray that helps relives your symptoms as you kick the smoke habit! So to smoke is injuries to health one must know it.


It is also known as Deca, Duraxyl, Nandrolonadeca Durabolin, Durabol, Durabolin, Npp, Nandrodex, decos, Decabolic, Decavar, Synobol, Grodec, Nandronit D and so on. There are such coupons for Nandrolone injections in online.

  • Active Ingredient – NandroloneDecanoate.
  • Active Life – 15 to 18 Days
  • Effective Dose – Women 50 to 100 mg per week and Men 200 to 600 mg per week.
  • Drug class – Anabolic Androgenic Steroid
  • Water Retention – Yes
  • High Blood Pressure – Possible, does dependent
  • Acne – Yes, at higher dosage or with individual sensitivity
  • Liver Toxic – No
  • DTH Toxic – No
  • DTH Conversion – No, but it converts to nor-dth with low activity
  • Decrease HPTA function – Yes
  • CYCLE – Bulking & Cutting
  • Aromatization – Low, but it converts to less neither active nor estrogens.

How it is work

On the structural level, Nandrolone is very similar to testosterone. It is molecule lacks a carbon atom at the 19th position (hence, it appears other name of Nandrolone – neither 19 nor testosterone). Nandrolone possesses clearly defined and high anabolic activity (150% of testosterone) and low androgenic activity (20% of testosterone). As you see, DecaNandrolone shows much weaker androgenic characteristics than it. It has to be mentioned the fact that it does not convert to a more powerful metabolite in it target tissues as it happens with that.

DecaNandrolone results

Nandrolone is almost impossible to cause undesirable oestrogen side effects. Strong appearance of acne, oily skin hair loss or body hair growth may occur very rarely, ad a rule if you exceed 500 to 600 mg weekly dosage. Due to high active life, there is no need to inject frequently; you should do it once per week. Nandrolone eliminates joint pains at the expense of increasing synovial fluid production, so you will not feel any aches in your shoulders, knee or elbows so you are able to work hard without unpleasant and painful feelings.


However, you have to know if you would like to avoid progestin activity related problems as erectile disjunction it is recommended to stack nandrolonedeca with a testosterone. There must such coupons for Nandrolone injections from where you want to get it. Post cycle therapy is no doubt needed when your cycle includes deca steroids. You should to begin it 3 weeks after finishing your cycle. Do not forget about HCG it may also be added to boost your testosterone level.  This is the perfect and optimal dose for bulking must try.