Food Items That Have More Calcium than Milk

By: JohnBarnes

Calcium is essential to bone and teeth health, yet as we age our bodies require more of it. Milk in a glass alone cannot provide our daily needs of calcium once we reach 6 or 5 years of age – more calcium must be consumed to protect ourselves against osteoporosis which is an increasingly serious risk that causes fractured bones. How can we ensure we have enough?

Here are five superfoods rich in calcium to help build strong bones.


Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fats. Add it to your meals or lunch, as just 6 inches of fresh salmon contains around 350 mg calcium. And for sushi fans who also love seaweed dishes – salmon sushi rice may provide even more calcium!


A cup of tofu provides 861 milligrams of calcium. Enjoy it alongside salads or stir-fried vegetables – tofu is an easy and delicious way to meet daily calcium requirements!


This delectable superfood is not only delicious, but also packed with calcium. Chickpeas make a fantastic addition to soups, salads and other recipes; but the ideal use is making delicious hummus from it – full of protein, fiber and calcium content with one cup providing 315 milligrams.


Looking for an easy and delicious dinner idea? Ricotta is a delicious food item packed with calcium that’s easy to consume in any way you please; simply spread some on top of a salad for an enjoyable dinner option!


Oats is a nutritious source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol levels as well. Just half a cup can provide 200 milligrams calcium.