Fitness Consultation Test: Find Out Steps That You Need to Know

By: JohnBarnes

Fitness consultation is primarily the first process that most clients must follow before they revamp their body. It is evident nowadays that weight issues, with both men and women, have been a problem in health industry. However, before taking an action towards fitness workout regimen, there are also factors that need to be checked. What are these considerations?

Step 1: Set for an Appointment

You must set an appointment for your preferred fitness centers. Fitness centers and personal trainers have a busy schedule. Thus, it is highly required that you must contact your preferred fitness center or personal trainer for their availability. You have the option to call their offices. Once you have contacted them, most fitness centers will ask you to visit their office for further information that you need to fill up. This is done for your safety and it is required by the US federal law for all health care businesses.

Step 2: Pre-Initial Fitness Consultation

Once you arrived at your preferred fitness center, your blood pressure, resting heart rate, body composition, tape-measure circumferences, and cardio-respiratory efficiency will be checked. In addition, there are forms and questionnaires that you need to answer. Questions are based on your background information such as personal data and medical history data. Usually questions are sets from section A to E. You need to answer all those questions. Questionnaires are answerable by yes or no. This step is highly essential, due to the fact that there are other clients who have illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and any other serious diseases. These conditions need considerations to prevent further injury or health problem. Special training program will be given to them. Therefore, when you answer all the queries, you must be honest because this will be the basis of your workout training. Nevertheless, you must remember that personal trainers are friendly and understandable. They usually adjust fitness workout according to your needs and requests.

Step 3: Initial Fitness Consultation

After your pre-initial fitness consultation, you will proceed to the next process. Hence, you must always be prepared for it. You must arrive early for at least 15 – 20 minutes. You must wear fitness clothes like t-shirt, shorts, gym shoes and towel. You must eat a light snack. Avoid eating chocolate and drink coffee or tea. Of course, avoid exhausting your body, you must feel relax and comfortable during your initial fitness consultation.

Your trainer will review all your health and fitness data sheets. You will be informed about fitness equipment usage. Personal trainers will show you how equipment works and its benefits. Personal trainers will let you try different workout platform. They will show the correct technique and then you will follow them. Most likely, in this stage you will be guided thoroughly with your trainer. Your trainer will check your capacity, strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, and body alignment.

Step 4: Final Assessment

Upon completion of your fitness consultation, fitness trainer will provide a feedback about how you can achieve your fitness goal. Exercise recommendations will be given to you. You will be given options as well, either you will hire a personal trainer or you can do it alone by yourself. If you think you can exercise on your own, then go ahead do what you think is best. You just need to make sure to make another appointment every 2-3 months to report some progress. And if you prefer to exercise with a personal trainer, then you can set an appointment with your preferred trainer right away!

Fitness consultation serves as a fitness tool to assess your ability in achieving your fitness goal. If you want to transform your body into a new you, set an appointment right away and visit any fitness centers in your area.