Does My Child Need Probiotics?

By: JohnBarnes

Considering the buzz about probiotics since 2000, for parents, the burning question is whether or not their children even have a need for probiotics, and this is a fair question. The best way to identify if a need exists is to know more about probiotics, what they are and what they do. Once you are aware of the facts, you can confidently make an educated decision. Do remember that an educated decision about your child’s health should always include a consultation with your doctor. After reading this article, you will have a firmer grasp of the subject, which will help you to sift through and analyze any information you are faced with to assist you in determining if introducing probiotics to your child would be of any benefit.

So, what are probiotics for children? Well, as far as terminology goes, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Probiotics are live bacteria strains. Living in an anti-bacteria world, this may sound strange to you. Here’s the reason why this particular bacteria is so important. The live bacteria that make up probiotics are extremely similar to the live bacteria found in the intestines of the human body. While we may not have the health of our child’s intestines as a priority on our personal well-health checklist, we should, because an unhealthy intestinal tract affects the rest of the entire human body systematically.

Within our intestinal tract, we host good and bad bacteria. Our everyday lifestyles contribute to an imbalance of these bacteria, which results in havoc being played on our health. This havoc plays out in different ways, like allergy attacks, frequent incidences of colds and flus, and urinary tract infections. There are clinical studies that exist that claim that probiotics treat, delay, and, in some cases, prevent a lot of the symptoms associated with these conditions. So, what do probiotics do?

Probiotics have shown beneficial effects for treating several gastrointestinal problems. Introducing probiotics as a dietary supplement is said to delay the development of allergies in children. Giving your child the recommended dosage of probiotics could reduce cold and flu symptoms and how long they actually last with your child. In some instances, probiotics have even proven effective in treating and preventing urinary tract infections. Using probiotics, you can restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in your child’s stomach, which will benefit several other systems like the immune system and the respiratory system. Moreover, probiotics are an excellent way to detoxify your child.

By offering your child a favorite flavor of yogurt, you can address allergy concerns and stomach complications as well as your child’s overall health. Probiotics are safe. Just remember the general guidelines for purchasing the best probiotics for your child. What ever form you choose should contain no more that 3 billion bacteria. You should try to find a flavor your child will like, and finally, watch out for any sensitivity or allergic reactions. Don’t forget to consult you doctor. If you are looking for a natural treatment option, give probiotics a try.