2 Major Types Of Free Outdoor Cooking Grills – Learn The Difference

By: JohnBarnes

You can organize a great event for your family and friends by preparing delicious and hot barbecued foods using free outdoor cooking grills. Grilling refers to the technique of cooking food in which intense heat is given to form a crust on the outer surface of the food. Outer surface seals the juices in the food and results in delicious meals. You can make your menu scrumptious with some seasoning or basting during the preparation of food.

Before you start grilling your food it is important to ensure that the grill is clean. To cook appropriately you need to heat the free outdoor cooking grills first of all and then place seasoned foods on its metal rack so that it can receive appropriate amount of heat required to cook the food. Grilling only demands a little preparation and is not a difficult or time consuming process. One who had food cooked using grilling cannot forget the delicious taste of this food and the enjoyment of cooking. E.G. Kingsford is credited as the major force behind grilling tradition.

The two major types of free outdoor cooking grills are as follows:

1) Outdoor cooking gas grills: Outdoor cooking gas grills are widely used nowadays by most of the people as it does not involves use of charcoal. Liquid petroleum is used by these gas grills to grill the food. The heat is radiated to heating elements of the grill directly which helps in grilling the food. Different types of cooking gas grills are available with various sizes and shape to suit your requirements.

2) Outdoor cooking charcoal grills: It has a metal disc and comprises of hollow metal hemisphere that is surrounded by its three legs. The food to be cooked is placed in the upper grate while metal disc helps ash by holding the charcoal which is in the lower grate. Various types of grills are available to suit your requirements. You may choose from rectangular, round or square shape of different sizes are available widely. Grills with various features are available, some grills are loaded with lid while others are without lid. Some types of grills have venting while others do not support this feature.

Brazier grills are the most widely used outdoor cooking charcoal grills. These grills are not expensive and are easily available. Hibachi Grills is another subdivision of charcoal grills which was originated in China. Some other examples of charcoal grills are Ceramic Cooker andn Kettle Cooking grill.

Cooking grills are also available with freestanding grills which are convenient to move the cooking center from one place to another as per your needs. You can place your cooking center under a canopy during the rainy days. Fully equipped free outdoor cooking grills are also available that can work as a kitchen. Your grill can handle variety of menus with the combination of several features and capability that are available to you.

Therefore, whenever you are planning to purchase a cooking grill, it is advised to figure out your individual requirements. Outdoor cooking is prevalent in almost all parts of the world and selection of correct type of grilling equipment would ensure more comfort.